About the Author

April Lynn Pelton is a middle school student who has always been an author at heart. Since she was two years old, she has had a passion for reading. Her love of writing became evident as she began writing children books when she was three. They were small sketches, but she never wavered from her love of reading and writing. During the COVID-19 quarantine, she was able to focus more on her childhood dream of becoming a great author. Her first book, The Grove of 100 Wishes, is just the beginning to jump starting her career as a published author. April’s ultimate goal is to create enjoyable reading that allows kids to grow, learn, and develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

How a Writing Project Became a Book

During the COVID-19 quarantine, April's parents noticed gaps in her writing while assisting her with assignments. Her mother, a former ELAR teacher and Counselor, asked her 6th Grade English teacher if she could work with her on writing to create her first book. Her teacher agreed, allowing April to focus her attention on working towards a childhood dream. Online learning gave her the opportunity to focus on her writing. She was able to harness her creativity and gift by focusing on specific details, grammar, elaborating her thoughts, and character development. Steps used to assist April in enhancing her craft of writing, were utilized to create a workbook. The ultimate goal for the workbook is to help parents and educators teach basic ELAR concepts and SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) strategies that focus on teaching kindness and building character.